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¿Manera de personalizar el nombre del archivo de exportación usando la fecha / contador en ejecución?


I'd like to schedule a daily repeating web scrape and export the data using a different export filename each time, preferably date-stamped or using an incrementing counter. Is there a way to specify this?





Asked by anonymous on the 5th of December 2020

Yes it's possible using variables in the filename.

Respondido por GrabzIt Support el 5 de diciembre de 2020

Thanks support, I've added the placeholder mentioned in the referenced answer and it is working as expected - problem solved. Just out of curiosity, is there a list of existing placeholders somewhere? Might be a valuable addition to the documentation or helper tooltip...





Answered by anonymous on the 6th of December 2020

Glad it's working for you. We originally had it there as a tooltip, but it seemed to cause even more confusion so we had to remove it!

Respondido por GrabzIt Support el 6 de diciembre de 2020

Ok, I understand. May be worth another shot in the documentation, though :)




Answered by anonymous on the 7th of December 2020

Good point, we have updated the documentation about filenames.

Respondido por GrabzIt Support el 7 de diciembre de 2020